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When discovering irregularities or receiving allegations of misconduct, when admitting someone new within your circle of trust or considering a new business venture, or when safeguarding or governing an organization, we can help you.


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Our Core Expertise


Over the last 10 years, Labyrinth Risk Consulting has conducted a myriad of investigations worldwide for corporations, law firms, family offices, shareholders and governmental organizations. Tools and approaches vary per investigation, but have included interviewing complainants, witnesses and subjects, computer forensic analyses, forensic accounting, public records research, asset tracing, surveillance and document review. Given the potential for reputational damage to the organization and individuals involved, work is carried out discreetly, confidentially and with consideration to political and personal sensitivities in any given situation.


Investigate the veracity of allegations of wrongdoing, determine any mitigating circumstances and, if necessary, recommend disciplinary actions against individuals and policy changes to avoid similar occurances in the future.

Bullying, harassment or intimidation

sexual harassment

Investigate collusion between employees and business partners, such as through commercial connections or familial relationships, which may lead to an undue influence or financial advantage to the detriment of others.

Litigation support

Gather evidence to be used in a court of law. This may also include shedding light on a country’s judicial system, profiling individuals involved in the litigation process, or provide witness testimony in disciplinary hearings or tribunals.


Investigate how this could have occurred, who were responsible for or complicit in these activities, determine losses and attempt to recover financial losses, and advise how to strengthen internal controls to prevent reoccurrence.

Embezzlement, misappropriation or theft


Investigate whether payments have been made or gifts have been presented to government officials or other decision-makers to advance the business interest of a company to the detriment of others or in contravention of prevailing laws.

Anti-money laundering

Investigate whether an entity is or has been involved in any money laundering activities, what methods were used and who the beneficiaries were. This may also include strengthening internal controls to prevent reoccurrence.


Investigate prejudices against employees resulting in unfair treatment, or unequal advantages given to certain business partners, which lead to undue influence, intolerance or financial advantage to the detriment of others.

Nepotism, favoritism or collusion

Asset tracing

Identify any assets held by a particular party worldwide and to map the ownership structure of these assets. This may also include involving law firms to freeze assets or file injunctions to prevent change of ownership of assets.

IP infringements

Investigate whether IP has been infringed or whether products have been reverse-engineered, and where the leaks might be. This may include setting up raids, liaising with local law enforcement and supporting legal proceedings.

local and reliable networks across the globe

Business Intelligence

Labyrinth Risk Consulting has developed an extensive, reliable and well-informed network of sources and databases in the jurisdictions it operates in, forming a solid basis for decision-making. These may include general sources such as public records, social media, regulators and law enforcement, specific sources such as the subject’s suppliers, former employees and associates and experts such as think tanks, analysts and industry watchers. This network is an essential source of intelligence and specialized tools, and ensures well-balanced and insightful analyses. Local sources are invaluable in placing findings into local context, to better understand the actual significance of findings, to create unbiased profiles and find unambiguous answers to difficult questions.

Reputational due diligence

Whether it concerns a pre-transactional due diligence, pre-IPO due diligence, or self-due diligence, this service gathers information regarding the legitimacy, reputation, track record and identity of the subject and to identify any potential risks to be aware of when associated with this entity.

Intelligence provision

In some cases, extra efforts are required to remain au courant with latest developments, current decision-making, recent court rulings, ongoing media reporting, prevailing political winds and other influencing elements regarding a current situation affecting the business.

Pre-employment screening of senior executives

These are background checks to ensure an individual is trustworthy and honest, that his or her resume is accurate and a true reflection of capabilities, that there are no known behavioural difficulties in working with this person, and to determine any red flags that may need to be addressed before offering this person the keys to the company.

Market research

This macro-level research aims to elucidate the dynamics in a given market, by profiling key competitors, highlighting economic, political, military or social developments, or identifying specific risks to be aware of when entering a new market.

safeguarding and oversight

Good Governance

Given its experience in conducting investigations and testing conduct and actions against regulations, rules and policies, Labyrinth Risk Consulting is able to assess the strength and weaknesses of corporate governance frameworks and determine areas for improvement. This includes evaluation of  and compliance with existing internal control mechanisms, as well as drafting and communicating office instructions, code of conduct and other company-wide standards and best practices. Interim management of investigations teams is also be offered, such as during unexpected staff turnover or internal quality problems. 

Non-executive directorships

Labyrinth Risk Consulting’s founder is a Trustee of a charitable organization in the Netherlands, with responsibility for safeguarding and good governance matters. She is also its Confidential Advisor. Her experience as a trustee may be proffered through non-executive appointments with other organisations or companies.

Internal control Mechanisms

This includes implementing early detection systems such as third-party due diligences, establishing reporting mechanisms such as whistle-blowing hotlines, and defining ethical standards and policies such as a code of conduct. It  also includes establishing or testing the efficacy of existing internal controls.

Application of Best Practice

To share knowledge of best practice in the area of oversight and in particular in conducting internal investigations, to identify potential areas of improvement in policies governing investigations and assist with the implementation of enhancements. This may also include interim management of investigation teams. 

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