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By investigating why and how specific incidents occured, what to do next and how to prevent them in the future. By creating awareness, identify risks and uncover nefarious behavior. And, by underpinning good governance, integrity and reputation of the business with intelligence, investigations and management.


Abuse of power, sexual harassment and ethical violations led to disciplinary action

A senior staff member of an international organization in France was accused of manipulating his subordinate to become dependent on him and to groom her for a sexual relationship, culminating in sexual abuse. The victim also alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by him during a conference in Brussels, but that when she reported the incidents, she was ignored and the senior member protected. Instant messaging, surveillance footage and interviews with colleagues supported several of the victim’s allegations. 


A million-dollar loss resulting from theft by a logistics manager was recovered

Complaints in the market place about products being sold under the table, a multinational food company found out that its products were stolen from its warehouse in Spain by disguising them as waste, masterminded by a manager in collusion with a trusted supplier of the company. The internal investigation identified the extent of the fraud and the flaws in its internal controls that allowed the fraud to occur. The employees appeared before a disciplinary committee and were dismissed, and were ordered to pay restitution.


Banking license revoked and entities charged with financial crimes

A large diamond company was defrauded of several million dollars by a business partner aided by numerous corporate vehicles, associates and other well-known (diamond) banks. The investigation identified the method, vehicles and individuals involved in the scam and the manner in which the proceeds of the crime were reintroduced into the legitimate economy, and provided the basis for litigation in several jurisdictions. The individuals and businesses involved were charged with various financial crimes, such as falsification of records, money laundering, embezzlement and tax evasion. 

workplace bullying

Immediate dismissal of head of office

The head of a Latin-American office of an international funding institution was accused of systematic bullying and psychological harassment of her team members, leading to multiple resignations and an unusual number of sick leave applications. The internal investigation elucidated the extent of the bullying and harassment, fear of reprisals and identified a number of additional victims, and led to the immediate dismissal of the person in question. Further, reporting mechanisms and follow-up times were amended to better serve victims of interpersonal misconduct. 

international asset trace

Located a Canadian fugitive and his assets 

A Canadian man fled the country on a charted airplane after the authorities had caught on to his securities fraud. The investigation located him in Switzerland, where he had rented a property on Lake Geneva under his niece’s name. With the help of surveillance, public records, local enquiries and local authorities, several substantial new assets were identified including cars, aiplanes, and property, purchased with stolen money. He was arrested, charged with felony crimes and his assets confiscated to repay his victims.  

due diligence

Forced labour and undisclosed connections to the ruling elite

A potential investor in an oil exploration operation off the coast of Thailand was concerned that the business he was considering investing in had not been entirely truthful about its operations. There had been rumours about forced labour, a disregard for safety regulations and a cavalier attitude towards potential discovery by law enforcement. The due diligence enquiries confirmed that violations had not led to any prosecutions, disovered local opposition because of local workforce injuries, and found that the company had the reputation of being untouchable. Further enquiries discovered that the owners were related to the Thai royal family and counted on their interference in any legal problems, also in any disputes with investors. As a result, the investor changed the structure of its deal to protect himself better. 

interim management

Quality, best practice and efficiency 

A consultancy suffering from mass departures struggled with the quality of its work and timeliness of its deliverables. The interim manager standardized methodology to ensure consistency and efficiency, implemented tools for quality control and created an institutional memory. It also ensured that services continued to be delivered and the consultancy’s reputation did not suffer. 

non-executive directorships

Safeguarding and good governance 

Saskia Eisberg – ‘t Hooft is a trustee of the Dutch Foodbank in her local town, entrusted with safeguarding the integrity of the charity. She is also the Confidential Advisor in case of any disputes, misconduct or allegations of wrongdoing. Opportunities to use her skills and experience to help other companies or industries as a non-executive director are welcomed. 

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